Fibromyalgia: symptoms and treatment of the disease

In the seventies of the twentieth century, doctors paid attention to people suffering from pain very similar to rheumatic.
After a thorough, detailed examination of patients in different countries, no pathogens of rheumatism were identified. Moreover, there are no infectious factors at all!
This is how the medical term fibromyalgia appeared. Symptoms and treatment of a disease unrelated to a specific pathogen began to be developed by neuropsychiatric specialists.
Fibromyalgia is most often suffered by women, mainly of childbearing age. Mostly blondes.
Myalgia is muscle pain, the prefix "fibro" means "fiber". Fibromyalgia disease, the symptoms and treatment of which are not associated with inflammatory changes in muscle tissue and do not require special antibacterial therapy.
Fibromyalgia causes pain in the muscles of the legs and arms, neck and back. A person constantly does not get enough sleep, because he feels the slightest irritation with the skin.
They say about such people: "A princess on a pea."
Hypersensitivity is associated with a lack of the hormone serotonin. Hence, sleep disorders and irritability.
Since serotonin is a related hormone to melatonin, which is additionally "responsible" for the coloring of hair and skin, albino people almost universally suffer from fibromyalgia.
The female body is much more complex than the male and depends on cyclic hormonal changes, so women suffer from fibromyalgia much more often than men.
How to treat fibromyalgia
Treatment of fibromyalgia is individual and depends on the severity of certain disorders: how pronounced are the pains in special trigger points, insomnia and related mental changes.
Headache, migraine-like pain often accompanies the disease.
The following groups of medications are used to treat fibromyopathy:
• Drugs that increase the content of serotonin, the main hormone of sleep and rest. The effect of them is often paradoxical – an increase in serotonin content leads to an even greater deterioration of sleep, although the pain disappears completely. Therefore, it is advisable to combine these drugs with antidepressants.

Tricyclic antidepressants improve sleep and relieve muscle spasms. They are used at night, as well as benzodiazepines.
• In some cases, muscle relaxants in their pure form help. They relieve spasms of muscle fibers, stopping convulsive contractions.
• Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used in ointments and creams. They bring relief.
• Preparations of the antioxidant group prevent the deposition of lactic acid in muscle tissue, relieving pain during movements.
Psychotherapeutic trainings aim to change the attitude of patients to the surrounding reality and to close people.
Neither weather conditions, nor the behavior of children and husband in any way affect the manifestation of pain — that's what is suggested to patients. Sometimes, quite successfully.
With a newly diagnosed disease, fibromyalgia, treatment at home is carried out in 100% of cases.
Patients are prescribed treatment and procedures necessary for each case. Patients fulfill doctors' appointments and feel a significant improvement.
If the fibromyalgia disease is prolonged, treatment at home does not give positive results. Patients are hospitalized for additional examination in order to identify the background on which serotonin deficiency has developed.
The profile of the hospital for such patients is psychoneurological. Most often, this is the separation of neuroses.
How to recognize fibromyalgia syndrome
Patients with fibromyopathy make the following complaints:
• Pain in the bones and muscles of the arms and legs, neck and head. The nature of the pain spread everywhere.
• Unpleasant sensations in the area of the muscles of the shins, elbow bones and muscles, such as "goosebumps" or tingling, muscle cramping. Troubles increase with a change of weather, stress, fatigue.
• Fatigue with minor loads.
• Sleep disturbance, especially in the second half of the night.
• Migraine.
• Feeling of constant, chronic fatigue.
Soreness at trigger points is where tendons attach to muscles.
A point is considered a trigger point when the pressure on it with a finger is no more than 4 kg / cm2. There are 18 such points. If the pain is detected in 11, the diagnosis leaves no doubt.
Patients with fibromyalgia have the following symptoms:
• Stool disorder: incontinence and diarrhea.
• Menstrual disorders: painful, irregular periods.
• Frequent urge to urinate without bladder infection.
• Morning swelling of the shins, eyelids.
• Peeling of the skin on the bends of the elbow and knee joints.
Mental disorders:
• Anxiety-hypochondriacal states.
• Dysthymia: maliciously sad mood.
• Increased irritability.
It is important to know that fibromyalgia can be primary and secondary. That is, it can manifest itself as an independent form of the disease, or be symptoms of another pathology of the nervous system.
A person cannot get tired and not sleep depending on atmospheric phenomena and constant stress, pain and irritation are signs of the disease.
This disease is treated quite successfully — it is important only to pay attention to it in time.
If the main symptoms of fibromyalgia last for three months or more, the diagnosis is beyond doubt. It is only important to pay attention to your own health.
In addition to drug therapy, various modifications of psychotherapy are widely used in fibromyalgia.
In other cases, especially at the very beginning of the disease, physical exercises for fibromyalgia are effective, both specially developed by therapeutic medicine and aerobics with fitness.
In this case, physical exercises carry not only a load on certain muscle groups, but also have a powerful psychological impact.
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