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Will Writing is not part of the Quilter Financial Planning Ltd offering and is offered by referral only. Quilter Financial Planning Ltd accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Will Writing and Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Looking after our loved ones after we’re gone is a natural concern for most families. Thinking about what happens after you’re no longer around is never a pleasant discussion, but so often it gets left to the back-burner because we lead busy lives.

However, even when we do manage to sort something out, we often overlook what happens to what we leave behind after we’re gone, and whether our loved ones are really looked after. If you fail to arrange a will, or even just opt for a low cost or ‘mirror will’, several problems can arise:

  • Local government can assess your main home for the long term care costs in old age of a widow(er). This means that the home you wanted to leave to you family may have to be sold and the proceeds drained by the council over time.
  • Should your partner re-marry after you die, they can come into possession of your estate. This problem is made worse if there is a divorce, and a significant portion of the estate is lost in the settlement, thereby disinheriting your children.
  • When you leave you estate to your children, the assets could be taken away if they become bankrupt or end up in a divorce.
  • Assets left to children in a ‘normal’ will, or if you die without a will, will add to their estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Protecting our clients’ wealth is of paramount concern at Just Us Financial Solutions, so we construct tailored estate planning solutions to help mitigate the above problems, as well as the individual needs and concerns your family will have. Through carefully selected trusts, we help secure control and ownership of your estate for the next generation, whilst giving you peace of mind that those you care about will be looked after even when you’re gone.

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