How to throw an 80s party

Want to host another party? Theme or costume parties are usually a lot of fun because they involve all the guests in the event and have a great time. One of the best eras in modern history is the 80s, a time when rock and shoulder bags were imposed with great force. But, in addition to clothes, music and decoration will make your holiday real and unforgettable. In this OneHowTo article, we give you the secrets to throwing an 80s party where everyone has a great time.

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Steps to follow: 80s clothing. To mentally quickly imagine what fashion was like in the 80s, let's remember the movie Flashdance, remember? The style the character displays throughout the film is 100% 80s. And what is he? Curly hair, jackets with shoulder pads, skinny pants and a bit of a rocker look. Read about the 10 most magical 80s parties of all time in this post -

There are two ways you can go about making the right 80s party costume:

Punk-rock style: skirts made of tulle in combination with leggings in bright colors, half-torn t-shirts and fluorescent colors. The clothes that Madonna wore in her films and shows when she was young were the most defining of this innovative style of the 80s.

Aerobic Style: This era was also the decade of aerobics, so you can wear a fluorescent-colored swimsuit, leg warmers, leggings, and a hair band. A total of eighty!

Suits for men: They wore jackets with shoulder pads, informal hairstyles, colorful clothes and fun prints.
In this OneHowTo article, we walk you through how to make an 80s costume.

Another important point when organizing a party of the 80s is the design. Remember that this was a decade of splendor, freedom and music, so the party should be full of bright and cheerful colors. As we said, fluorescent colors were the kings of this decade, so we recommend that you buy different balloons of these colors and spread them around the room. You can also add colorful garlands to the ceiling for more festivity.

A very original moment that you can add to the party is to hang on the walls elements that remind you of those years: posters for such films as "Alien Life", "Fleshtanets", "Back to the Future", etc. You can also hang vinyl albums of artists of the time, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie or The Police.

You can also buy colored mirror chandeliers that will fill the dance floor with flashes of color, like in the movie "Saturday Night Fever" when Travolta took to the dance floor. A good idea to decorate the party is to place typical antique items such as record players, cassettes or Rubik's cubes.

But at an 80's party, you can't miss music

Neither the costumes nor the scenery will do any good if we don't make sure that the soundtrack is typical of that decade's music. We also recommend preparing a part of the room as a dance floor, because people will definitely come out to dance!

A good idea would be to place a disco ball in the center of the dance floor to give it a special and authentic touch.

Here are some of the songs from the 80s that should not be missed on your playlist:

  • Nena 99 Luftballoons
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller and Billie Jean
  • Europe's final countdow
  • Bohemian Rhapsody and I want to quit Queen
  • The Tide is High de Blondie
  • Into the Groove by Madonna
  • Money for Nothing by Dire Straits
  • Eye of the Tiger from Survivor
  • Don't stand so close to me near the police

To liven up an 80s themed party, you can create a few activities that you'll love. For example, karaoke is a good idea, but only with typical songs from the 80s; You can also play a Guess Who You game where each guest will be a character from the 80s and you'll have to guess who they are with questions that can only be answered with a yes or no.
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