How to fix the sink in the bathroom

How to fix the sink in the bathroom? We will try to answer this question in this article. To begin with, it should be said that there are several types of bathroom sinks, each of which is attached in different ways.Shells can be divided into three types:- Hanging- Tulip (pedestal)- Mortise, or built-in for fixing the sink, you need to have a drill (or a puncher), a level, a ruler or a tape measure, an adjustable wrench, a marker or a pencil.Fixing the hanging sink To begin with, you need to draw a horizontal line in the place where the sink will be adjacent to the wall. To keep the line level, use the building level. The sink will be mounted on dowel studs, so the line should run exactly in the center of the future holes in the wall under the dowels so that the sink is installed smoothly.Next, you need to put the sink against the wall in such a way that the previously drawn line can be seen through the mounting holes. Now use a pencil or marker to make marks on the line through the holes in the back of the sink.Drilling holes with a drill or a hammer drill holes in the intended places. The diameters of the holes should be the same as the diameters of the dowels for mounting. If the hole is smaller, then you will not be able to insert the dowel into it, and if it is larger, then the sink will simply not hold, as the dowel will fall out.Installing the sink Before fixing the sink in the bathroom, you need to understand that the sink has a decent weight, and you need to fix it securely. Insert dowels into the holes made, and screw the studs into them so that the protruding part of the stud is longer than the wall thickness of the sink by 1.5 – 2 cm. This will allow you to easily tighten the fastening nuts on the studs.Put the sink on the studs, put the washers on and tighten the nuts with an adjustable wrench. You need to twist it hard, but not very much, otherwise the sink may crack.Mounting of the "tulip" type sinkPut the sink on the pedestal leg. You don't need to fix it yet. Move the sink with a leg to the wall in the place where it will stand. Mark the places under the holes with a pencil, as in the previous case. Drill holes in the wall, insert dowels, screw in the studs.Before attaching a tulip-type sink to the wall, you need to assemble and install a siphon in it in advance. Also install a mixer and connect flexible water supplies to it.Now you can fix the sink on the leg with screws and a coupling, then screw it to the wall with nuts and washers.Necessarily, after installation, it is necessary to seal the joint between the wall and the sink so that water splashes do not get there.Mortise sink attachment The mortise sink is mounted on the countertop, or rather it cuts into it. First you need to cut a hole in the countertop to fit the size of the sink. This can be done with an electric jigsaw, having previously drilled several holes from the front of the countertop along the perimeter of the contour of the sink.An approximate contour can be drawn with a pencil, initially measuring the sink. It is better, of course, to immediately make the hole a little smaller, and then trim it if necessary. In any case, the sink should freely enter the cut-out hole in the countertop.When the hole is ready, its contours need to be cleaned of dust and covered with a layer of waterproof sealant so that water does not fall on the cut in the future. Otherwise, the countertop will begin to swell and lose its aesthetic appearance.Next, along the perimeter of the cutout, you need to glue a sealer (usually comes with a sink), and apply a layer of sealant (silicone) on it.Now you can insert the sink into the prepared hole and tighten the fasteners. It is recommended to tighten the fasteners manually so as not to tear off the plastic thread on the nuts.As a result, you should have a well-fixed sink that fits snugly around the perimeter to the countertop, and there should also be no questions about how to fix the sink in the bathroom. We hope that the article was useful for you. Immerse yourself in an enchanting gaming world with online pokies with payid australia , where every spin brings you closer to both fortune and seamless transactions.