Buildings & Contents Insurance

Failure to disclose material facts to the insurer may invalidate your insurance

It’s our job to ensure your home and most valuable possessions are protected. For us, quality insurance goes above and beyond numbers and figures – it’s about having peace of mind. We know how traumatic it can be having your family home flooded, roof collapsed or finding out that you’ve been burgled. That’s why attention to detail is paramount and we ensure your cover really does what it needs to.

We take the time to really understand your situation, helping you avoid many of the pitfalls of buying insurance and finding out too late that you aren’t covered for what you really need. We can also liaise with your conveyancer when buying a home to ensure you have the required insurance in place as required. Most of the time our clients don’t pay for buildings cover from exchange to completion, and because of the volume of business we do we can often source the highest quality of cover at a discount. Whatever your situation, our advisers are on stand-by to assist you in arranging the best safety net for your home, and can be on point should disaster strike and you need to make a claim.

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