Receiving bad medical news that either yourself or a family member has been diagnosed with a life threatening or changing illness can take a huge emotional and financial toll. Often the treatment for such illnesses can be an ordeal in themselves. Should the worst happen, having peace of mind for your family goes above and beyond money and finances. The level of care and medical attention that you will receive can be dictated by your access to levels of treatment and specialist practitioners.

In the 21st Century, medical advances to previously unheard of levels. At Just Us Financial Solutions we go above and beyond the basics to ensure palliative care is available for you when you need it most. Should you suffer a serious illness or pass away we can assist in adding the following benefits and features to your protection portfolio:

  • Access to the expert opinion of medical professionals all over the globe regarding diagnosis and treatment for your particular illness.
  • BUPA trained nurses on call 24/7 to answer your emergency medical queries.
  • Personal concierge service taking you anywhere in the world to receive medical treatment for serious illnesses like cancer, heart attack and stroke, including covering the full cost of surgery and medication you may need if not covered by the NHS. This includes access to worldwide specialists in your diagnosed condition, including for a second opinion.
  • Counselling for you and your loved ones helping them to cope in difficult circumstances.
  • Physiotherapy helping you to get back on your feet, and support during your recuperation.

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