Rewarding Your Referrals – Selfridges Vouchers Scheme

Rewarding Your Referrals – Selfridges Vouchers Scheme

Rewarding Your Referrals – Selfridges Vouchers Scheme

We’d like to give you £100 of Selfridges vouchers.

Why, you may well be asking, why are you offering me these vouchers?

There’s one simple reason.

Do you know what the best thing we can hear from a prospective client is?

That they were referred to us by someone happy with our service.

When they call us up, enquiring about a mortgage they’d like us to source or to improve how their pension’s and investments being managed, we like to find out how they heard about us.

We can’t complain if they’ve found out about us through the internet, the press, an estate agent or a professional introducer (Accountants, Solictors etc..). But getting a referral feels special.

Our business is built on delivering excellent customer service and when you refer us to your friends, family and colleagues, you’re showing us that we’ve done a great job on your behalf.

We love the referrals you give us and so, we’d like to say thank you.

But, given we already offer you great customer service, surely this is enough. Are we being over the top with all these vouchers?

For every person you refer to us who goes on to complete a mortgage with us, or invests more than £50,000 (or less at our discretion) through pensions or other investments, we’ll give you your choice of either £100 of Selfridges vouchers or John Lewis vouchers, or even a case of wine. And let’s face it now – you quite like the idea of that case of wine don’t you?

You might think this sounds too good to be true.

Free vouchers, just because you told your work colleagues, friends and family about our excellent customer service and told them to call us ASAP? Because someone had what they considered an insurmountable mortgage problem – and we fixed it? Because we hugely improved and simplified the management of their investment situation?

But it is. It really is that simple. No hidden costs, no dodgy terms and conditions or reams of legal spiel. Just Selfridges Vouchers, delivered to your office.

Consider it a thank you.

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