Launch of Just Us – London mortgage broker – new website!

Launch of Just Us – London mortgage broker – new website!

We hope you like our new look London mortgage broker, Just Us Mortgages website!

The mortgage world might still feel awful, but our clients want mortgages and we remain firmly committed to providing them. There were some problems with the last website (don’t ask!) so we’ve made a nice new shiny one.

Being serious, it has given us a golden opportunity to really focus on what we do and to deliver our messages to yo
u through various forms of media.Launch of Just Us Financial Solutions website mortgages

London mortgage broker working for you:

We are here to provide detail, opinion, advice and a reliable point of contact on an important piece of personal financial planning; from finding the best mortgage deals to carrying our mortgage comparison on your behalf.

We’ve been working jolly hard!

Specifically we have committed to:

Providing mortgages for London’s Professionals
The £200,000 – £1m loan space.
Our City Office

Multi media website

We provide what we hope is relevant & useful information through different forms of media:

Best Buy Tables
Property Price Report

Compliments for the London mortgage broker?

We were very irritated recently to find one of our competitors has plagiarised our content. Someone suggested it was a compliment! In a way, perhaps it was, but how very lazy and inauthentic of someone. A part of the corporate growing up process I suppose.

We’ve worked really hard, invested a lot of time and money to understand our clients. So whilst someone pinched our ideas – our suspicion is they knew they were saying something clever, but they didn’t know why. Naughty though. Anyway, we sent them some left over fireworks from November 5th, it must have been a cold night as they were very red faced.

Plans for Just Us mortgages

So what next? Follow through of course.

We will continue to roll out new content through video, blog and newsletter and of course we are happy to chat on the phone or meet you face to face to discuss and enable your plans.

We are also recruiting for the right members of staff to join us in 2013.

This new website launch just represents for us another cog in the wheel of our mission – to make London’s professionals prosperous.

Free property report 2013

If you haven’t yet – can I suggest downloading our property prices report? You will be amazed to find the detail to the economic cycle that your intuition tells you feels right. We’ll send you our newsletter too – which is sometimes described as our version of the Daily Mail. It is certainly cathartic to get these things off our chest!


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