Newsletter March 2017

Newsletter March 2017

Greetings from Just Us HQ.

The world looks different! That’s right, we are leaving the EU, a property developer is President of America and Just Us has rebranded. Amazing what you can fit into a few short months.

We certainly live in uncertain times and yet….surely that is the constant? We believe the need for experienced advice has never been so great. Which is good news for us – and you. As we always say – what is the opportunity cost of doing nothing? Sometimes it may be wise – but permanently is not a great option. Within this newsletter we look to cover various topics for your benefit. Keep up with those important 2017 resolutions.



Managing Director

What does 2017 look like? – Gazing into that crystal ball

So what does 2017 hold in store? Forecasting the future is very difficult – but important. Notoriously economic experts have a habit of getting these things wrong – which is not helpful! Read more…

Just Us Financial Solutions – rebranded  – Mon dieu that was hard work!

We have brought together Just Us Mortgages and Just Us Financial Solutions under the one brand. Read more…




Bank Mortgage Lending 2017 – a head spinning article – sorry!

Banks like lending money, but it has become a bit problematic, what state the lending market? Read more…


Final Salary Pensions – Stick or twist?

In the news are final salary scheme pension transfers. Whilst this article starts with a precautionary note to advance with care, in fact there are in some circumstances compelling reasons to proceed. Read more…

Marriage after death – disinheriting the children by accident

Planning for what happens to your family after you pass away is never a pleasant task, but a will gives you that peace of mind that our children will be taken care of if we’re not here anymore. It’s only natural to want to provide for our children, so that the assets we’ve worked hard all our lives to build pass safely to the next generation. Read more…


Online Fraud – a problem of our times – all sorts of crooks out there

New information regarding cybercrime from the Office for National Statistics makes grim reading. In the year to June 2016, there were over 2.3 million bank account frauds, more than a million scams involving penny stocks, pension liberation and fae investments. In addition there were more than 680,000 hacking crimes committed. read more…

End of Tax Year Planning – time to take action!

With the end of the tax year fast approaching, its time to make the most of your annual allowances. Read more…

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